What is your style ladies and Gents

  • Hi everyone its been a while since i have entered anything regarding our fashion tastes and styles....

    Looking at Australia at the moment I always feel that fashion could be more versatile in its looks, sizes, styles, textures and colours..


    Fashion needs to follow the woman and not the woman following the fashion...

    You may ask how does one do this?? Well its simple ... you look at what the world is wearing and is in... You then look at your wardrobe and start being creative with what you have

    and start creating your look that is still on trend with the fashion around the world but that has your look and personality and style written all over it.... I love playing with fashion at home.

    For me its bit a little like my interior design... work with what you have and just add bits and pieces to create that you look that is your own and still on trend.

    Go one be adventurous and try it....

    Let me know how you went with your creation..