Street Style: Studs and Spikes

  • From designer runways, street style blogs and celebrity sightings, studs and spikes are popping up everywhere around the globe. A key element of punk rock style from the seventies and eighties, pyramid studs and cone spikes create a rough, renegade feel that’s still on-trend today.

    Loud, relentless and in-your-face, punk rock musicians clashed against the monotony of mainstream fashion using safety pins and other studded elements. Iconic punk rock bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols were some of the unruly trailblazers, defying the norm with over-sized leather jackets and D.I.Y. studded gear. Fight the system with this riotous fashion statement by incorporating studs and spikes into your own wardrobe.

    Break out of the prim-and-proper mold by mixing things up with sleek studs and spikes in a modern way. Studded leather jackets are an instant wardrobe staple for any rebel without a cause, or even just the rebellious at heart. If you’re bored with basic black, opt for a moto jacket in neon pink or bright red for a fierce notice-me look. Edgy and chic, accessorizing with bold accents like studs create an undeniably punk-inspired feel.

    Spikes and studded accents come in all forms, adorning everything from vests, boots and bags. Designers like Valentino have created their own take on the trend, using studded accents as a modern contrast to delicate ballet flats. A favorite of fashion nomads around the globe, Jeffrey Campbell often incorporates studs and spikes on riveted heels and enviable lace-up wedges.

    Anyway, who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? It’s time to trade out your stuffy pearls and lead the pack. Studs and spikes are an enduring and iconoclastic trend that aren’t afraid to make some noise.