The Truth About It All: Addicted

  • Thai food continues to be my biggest weakness, right after Ice cream. And these days any chance I get I am taking a seat and enjoying the aroma,  and taste of all the spicy Thai goodness when I visit my favorite restaurant which is conveniently a five to ten minute drive from home (depending on the traffic). Ever since Thai Chefs opened up I thanked the foodie gods because, they had finally answered my prayers for a Thai Restaurant to re-open close to home. When it comes to food I am picky and when I find something I like it is difficult for me to try something new. But recently when I visited the restaurant, I decided to try something new. I always get the Thai chicken fried rice and believe me it is so good and so filling, and oh lets not forget spicy (i always get spicy #4) which is super spicy but I love and can handle. That day being greeted by the usual friendly staff, who knows me because I am always there whether it is lunch or dinner time. I decided to try the pad Thai as spicy as usual of course. I was pleasantly surprised and wondered why out of all the times I saw it in the menu I never ordered it. It was the right amount of everything, except one thing being that I should have gone easy with the crushed peanuts because it made it too sweet for me. Other than that I will definitely be getting pad Thai again.