The Truth About It All: Influenster VoxBox Review


    This weekend was a good one it took off very slowly. On Saturday I started my day with a light protein filled breakfast followed by almost two hrs. in the gym which were a great energy boost believe it or not. On Sunday I spent the day with my family cooking and laughing it was the right way to end the weekend after a stressful week. Then came when I realized I had yet to really look through my Influenster box to really see what was in it. I have to tell you guys that it being my first box I was excited but also a little nervous to see what I got (weird right?) Either way I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it, it is filled with very useful things. A Snickers Crispers which are two little squares, which I used to reward myself after three days of being back at the gym (yum). That was my sweet moment for Sunday. It also came with the NYC lovatics by Demi Lovato cheek & lip tint which I used and already love. Sweet Spot Labs feminine wipes in three different fragrances, one of my favorite things had to be the Yogi Tea samples I love Yogi Tea and have yet to branch out and try more flavors other than the one that I drink now so I am excited to try them. Last but not least in the box came the Kerastase Oleo Curl cream to shape your curls! I am so excited to use for my curly hair, since I am trying to wear my curly hair for the next few weeks and give my hair a break from blowouts. I loved everything I got and will definitely be using it!