The Truth About It All: Spring Curls

  •   It's That time of the year again. Spring ahh sweet spring how I've missed you, spring brings me great memories and makes me want to strive to be better. It makes me determined and more driven certainly more than I was in the winter time (glad that's over). And with spring comes change, as of lately I had been longing to change my hair I had secretly dared myself to wear it curly more often in the beginning of the year. It took me some time to get around it but then came the day I decided to finally go through with it. I went to the hair salon to wash it and left it curly. I used bendy rollers as I call them (although that might be the actual name) while I was under the dryer to give my hair the initial omph and when I took them out I was in utter and complete confusion. As I looked in the mirror I felt weird, being used to wearing my hair straight whenever I decide to wear it curly it feels weird or rather I feel weird. As I looked in the mirror I was doubtful I had made the right decision until various lady at the hair salon started to give compliments, still I wasn't convinced. Later that day after a long work and school day I started digging for good memories in my photo album and found a picture of me with my big long curls when i was in the third grade and I remember how much I loved it so I decided to embrace it. After the second day I got used to it and wore my hair curly for two weeks, it gave my hair a break from the blowouts, and the heat. As I sit here typing I no longer have my hair curly since I had time during the day I gave in and went to wash and get it blown out. But I will say that it was a positive experience for the way I see myself when I wear my hair curly and I feel more people should embrace their curls often. This gave my hair time to breathe and be in its natural "habitat" (lol). I am glad I tried it and will definitely be doing this look a lot in the summer time so get ready! Plus you get to try hair masks that will fortify and help your hair grow so that's definitely a plus. ;)
                                                                    xx -Steph

             Top: Nautica 
             Jeans: Levi's
            Shoes: Schutz