The Truth About It All: DIY Fringe


    Fringe skirts .. how can I begin to describe fringe skirts. They have become one of our guilty pleasures (admit it). And I being the huge skirt fan that I have become went on the hunt for a good spring skirt. This skirt did not look like this when it first caught my eye at a vintage shop months ago along with a Ralph Lauren one I scored for a good price. Since I personally did't not like the fact that it was too long and I stepped on it (sorry I'm short). So since I had yet to have my needs fulfilled with having a fringe skirt in my closet I decided to make one. I sat for a while and thought deeply of how bad I could mess it up but then the thought creeped that this specific skirt wasn't very expensive (compared to the Ralph Lauren one) and that I could do something I really liked to it. I went for it dug through all my sewing supplies, found my scissors and went for it. The result.. a few miss cuts here and there which are not noticeable at all now when the entire skirt is finished and is flowing freely.  So after a painstaking hour of cutting and making sure I didn't cut crooked I was excited to try it on and I have to tell you it was well worth it. So the end result seven dollars can get you a spring skirt to love. Get your shopping on, and bring out those scissors. My sandals are from Charlotte Russebut they are sold out (sad face) Oh and did I mention I did not map out my lines to cut? Lol What do you guys think? Would you wear this or try it at home? Let me know! Also I had to do a little dance to show you guys how it flows hehe.

                                                                 xx -Steph