The Truth About It All: Love Soul Style





    I recently have been super caught up with work.. it has been crazy, sometimes sitting in front of a computer at a desk all day makes you not want to be close to one at all..for a while. I have been in a slump,writing just hasn't been something I've been wanting to do but I am sitting here with at the peak of my caffeine levels an am finally writing (music helps too).I had to drag myself out of the house because it was almost like I never had coffee all day or energy for that matter. But what's important is that I am here to talk about my recent collaboration,with Love Soul Style a brand of boho bracelets that helps women embrace who they are, with the struggles and insecurities we all have. I am collaborating to inspire other women to be who they are and embrace all of their flaws the actual ones and the ones other people make us think we have. I remember always loving to have my hair curly as a little girl, and as I grew older I remember someone at school making fun of me for wearing my hair curly, maybe it was because in middle school everyone is mean intentionally or are insecure themselves. Either way I remember not wearing my hair curly for years only during the summer occasionally until just recently.After years of easily being able to go to hair salon and get my hair blown out because its so easy and so available to me. I decided to pull the trigger and wear my hair curly but not just for a day or two.. It lasted for two weeks, and I have to say it was freeing in a way to just have my curly hair again although straight hair is definitely more manageable for me because I always have my hair straight most of the time. I had a thought on the third day while I was running my fingers through my hair in the morning and laughing that I had actually been wearing it like that for three days. Whatever happened to loving yourself?Everyone is trying so hard to modify their looks, big lips, big butt so big in fact that you go from being a size zero or two to twice that and not because you've necessarily gained weight but because you wanted a bigger butt than what was natural. Fake hair all the time, make up even if you're going nowhere anything and everything to keep an appearance that makes others "like you" and then you end up looking like a copy of other girls out there doing the same, because the focus is on looks and not the substance of the person. So there I was I had fallen  into the trap of what others think, people who I probably will never personally know, or who will have zero importance in my life. I knew I was smart, studious, pretty, and so many other things, but this one little thing was holding me back in a way. As soon as I posted the picture of me with curly hair the compliments poured in, and when I was walking in the street downtown other women complimented me. That is the difference between being girls and being women.Women tend to uplift one another because some of us now understand each other more than when we were young. These bracelets are a message to love yourself in spite of anything that goes on and that you may feel is off. Loving yourself is the beginning to true happiness. Check out the post where I wore my hair curly plus all the other things I said and the pictures. And check out Love Soul Style to help them continue to inspire women everywhere, they have these and more boho chic bracelets that will fit your personality.

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                                                                   xx -Steph