The Truth About It All: Dead Sea Premier


    This weekend has been rainy for the most part that is the only way I can describe it if I am being truly honest. I recently received these lovely treats courtesy of Premier Dead Sea and they have honestly become a big part of my beauty routine. As soon as I received these I was excited and surprised at the lovely gesture since I am all for taking thorough care of my skin. I don't think this is something that will ever change, when you take care of your skin you can see the difference, the glow and clarity compared to people who just do not have the habit of doing a facial routine. As soon as I got these
    I opened and used them right away since Sundays are for the most part my pampering days I had time for various things. After using both the perfecting peel and moisture cream I can say that it is definitely worth incorporating this into your routine. My skin was visibly smoother, glowing, and clear. After applying the perfecting moisture cream when I woke up the next day and did my routine with different products and cleansed my skin was still visibly smoother and so soft. At first I didn't see the need to apply my daily moisturizer but I did it. Throughout that day my skin remained pretty much oil free, smooth and moisturized. Ever since I have been using it along with the mud soap which can be used for the face and body it has been a great combination toward better skin.
    What do you guys think about this, would you try it? Have you seen video reviews on it? Let me know.
                                                          xx -Steph
    Peeling Gel
    Moisturizing Cream