The Truth About It All: Essie Spice

  • I recently partnered up with Essie from Essie Spice for this post. I was very excited to have a food post to write and make from scratch lol. Essie spice is a brand that focuses on bringing you natural sauces for your foods, with no preservatives, msg, and the other things companies use that may be harmful in the long term for your health. I was very excited when I got the sauces delivered and eventually got to cooking after coming up with what I wanted to make. I steak, rice and veggies layed out but I didn't want things to be separate, so I decided to mix it up. Here is what I did, I sliced the steak into thin pieces, chopped one green bell pepper, a Serrano, and eight grape tomatoes. Before I cooked all of these I had already made the rice it was just steamed white rice in the beginning. After chopping my veggies and beef, I got the skillet ready with one spoon of coconut oil (a small one) I let it heat up and used the Essie Spice Coco for garlic sauce as the base I added a spoon of the sauce which has a pasty consistency (that worked out great) I added the sauce and mixed it with the coconut oil. Shortly after I added my steak and veggies, and occasionally stirred to mix the garlic sauce with the steak and veggies. While that was cooking I added rice to a skillet with much less coconut oil than the other, let it sit for a bit, the added bell pepper and the Coco For Garlic sauce, I stirred this together till the rice began to change colors. After it all finished cooking I put it all together on a skillet and mixed away the result (below) ... A spicy meaty garlicky dish wish I am proud to say I made with Essie Spice Coco for Garlic Sauce.

    **All opinions in this post are my own, enjoy!**