Carwash Pleats For Fall


    Fall is arriving with fast pace and I am more than just excited for the cozy sweaters, and scarves, and cozy nights at home watching old movies or new ones and oh the weather! I recently saw Kendall Jenner rock a carwash pleated skirt for the September issue of Vogue. I saw these skirts all over the runways during fashion week, and there was just something about them that kept me surprised every time.

    This trend that peaked during the 90s, is making a come back and I could honestly not be more excited. The carwash pleated skirts are very versatile, any woman with style should have at least one in her closet. The other day early in the morning instead of going to yoga class, I found myself making coffee at home and digging through old pictures. I found countless of pictures of my mom from the 90s, and little did I know the woman had a rebellious style when she was in her late teens/ early twenties. Pictures of her wearing the much coveted harem pants, vintage Dior, a fringe here and there, lots of floral tops, and of course the infamous carwash pleated skirts sparked my curiosity. I was speaking to her and all she could do was speak of them "Oh yes, I used to love those" she said with a reminiscent look in her eyes. She then continued on about how often she loved to wear them and how she made one for a girlfriend.After looking at the old pictures and comparing them to the fresh take and innovation the skirt had on the runways during fashion week I could not be more excited it has become a trend for this fall. I going to type as fast as I can to order one, and will also make one myself and possibly do a side by side of my moms picture, this fall will be oh so full of interesting styles to try. Will you try this trend for fall?