Can you ever have too many Shoes?




    There are always a few questions we ask ourselves every time we look at our closet. Should I do some cleaning? What am I gonna wear today? One I ask myself very often is, Where am I going to put these new shoes? It seems like in our minds we never think of how much closet space we might or might now have for more clothes, or shoes. So I ask to you, Can a girl ever have too many shoes? If I was being asked this question without any hesitation I'd respond, "of course not." The reason why is because I have always had more shoes than my closet space can handle, I am a shoeaholic I see a new pair that I could add to my closet and nine times out of ten if I can buy them then and there without having to go back to the store later, I buy them. Upon arriving home I always ask the same question to myself tho, Where am I going to put these new shoes? Is there really a shoe for every occasion or is that just a lie we tell ourselves so that we can go out and buy the new fall '15 Sophia Webster pumps. I know there are plenty of us who only splurge on shoes among other things once in a while but for the rest of us who just cannot seem to contain ourselves when seeing an online sale, sample sale, or walking into a boutique without walking out empty handed. If you are going to keep buying I suggest you start thinking about space every time you try the shoe on. I am currently in the process of redoing my closet and room space for the sake of my shoes and wardrobe. You should do the same. For those of you who are only now embracing the expansion of your shoe collection, there's no shame in it as long as you know when you have too many shoes you have not worn yet... Then it's time to take a shopping break and enjoy the little things in life like dressing up for a night out on the town with your gal pals. And if you are looking to make room here's a little help for your shoes! C&B . xx -Steph