Sugar Honey

  • Is it is Friday! I am so very very glad, this week was killer so long so much work and school. I woke up this morning to the piercing sound of my alarm clock, crushing my sweet dream. This morning I woke up extremely fast, not much dragging of the feet with my towel to the bathroom or anything like that.. When I went to do my usual beauty routine which involves no make up but, def. lots of loving for my skin I realized I was all out of face scrub. My very and quite frankly the only face scrub I use, because it is specifically made for my combination oily skin was no where to be. I grabbed the container and squeezed and squeezed and to my dismay nothing came out. That early in the morning I was like "great way to start my day" but, then I remembered a little something I read online. You can use honey and sugar as not only a face but body scrub with just a few ingredients on the side. In this case for the face scrub I cleansed my face first, then I went to the kitchen and grabbed my honey and sugar. Personally I think you can use any kind of honey but, in my case the honey I keep at home is organic and I used brown sugar. The crystals are bigger so it is easier to feel the scrubbing sensation on oyur skin this way. This was my first time trying this as a face scrub and it was definitely a sweet surprise. After scrubbing for what I calculated were a short two to three minutes I rinsed my face. After I dried my face it had a glow, and felt super smooth but most importantly is was gunk free. I would have never thought the results were going to be that good. I highly recommend this as a back up for when you run into the "no face scrub problem". And for a small tip that will definitely help if you have combination oily skin like me I highly recommend you use Origins Modern Friction face scrub.  Plus all of their other products, I have been a loyal customer for almost three years now and I love them!  PS. this is most definitely not a sponsored post. Life just happens sometimes. Happy Friday my lovelies! xx -Steph