Donut Care

  • Food has always been a love of mine,aside from the fact that we need it to survive I just simply developed a deep interest for trying all sorts of it (althoughI have my limits). I have always loved sweets more now than I did as a child, my mom always advised me not to eat sweets becaue they gave cavities I say advised but more like scared me with her word. Me being the obedient child of hers, I would occasionally eat candy, but never in excess. As I got older my love for cakes, and ice cream flourished greatly, so much that I'd sit in front of the tv and finish one of those mini tubs of bluebell ice cream all by myself (this was years ago). So I continued to explore my tastebuds and discovered a world of flavors.. Donuts became a less than frequent liking as I switched to organic (which I should have never left) but the other day I went to a donut shop were my visits were so frequent they remembered me and offered to prepare their newest addition to the menu Koala Kolache. My first ice cream donut, in a few words can be described as magical, ice cold, and most importantly not enough. It was the perfect combination of hot,cold, sweet, and morning appropriate. Prepared right in front of me, the donut was filled with a scoop of the recently back on the market blue bell strawberry ice cream. The first bite was like tasting a little piece of ice cream heaven and as soon as I finished I realized one was simply just not enough. My question to you is, are you willing to break your healthy habits for a bite of this delicious treat or would you rather envy those of us who take the plunge and get one. I know they have been around for some time too, have you tried one yet? *warning if you don't finish it fast you will find yourself with very sticky hands but in my opinon it is well worth it.