Back to my roots

  • Eating organic in our everyday fast pased lifes can be very much a challenge but if  you care about your health then you truly make an effort to staying commited to clean eating. Whole foods is a friend of mine, I love going in there it just feels right. Knowing tha all the food you can  have in your pantry is natural and untouched by harsh chemicals that can give you things such as cancer is for me one of the best feelings in th world. After haviing given up fastb food years ago..exactly seven years ago. I had balanced my diet in the fine line of mostly organic, but at times still indulging in the pleasures of eating take out thai food, buffalo wild wings, and pizza. Until three weeks ago, I decided to cut out my eating out adventures and solely relying on all that food i got from whole foods and felt anything but guilty about. I juiced at home, lunched at home and made dinner at home. It seemed like my meals tasted so much better and in exchange I also saved myself some money.After having eaten all organic for three weeks you can feel the difference in your energy levels, focus, productivity, and time spent in the kitchen. I found myself buying hydrangeas, and making usre the kitchen table stayed pretty. I ventureed to trying bolthouses new organic pressed juices,and got back to making my own at home. It has been a short but good journey and I want to continue it .. but I must confess I simply cannot givee up the delicious Thai food place just a short ten minute drive away from home (had it last night). It is the best around in years and it has become my second favorite place to eat. Eating organic will continue to be a big thing on my list of to dos since I am also getting back to yoga, and running,etc. I am looking forward to ffeling even better. Will keep you posted.

    xx -Steph