Cheesecake Madness



    e Holidays have come and gone. Happy New Year! Ugh,  look at this piece of cheesecake it just calls your name and demands to be eaten. The strawberries are the perfect amount of sweet and, it is so moist, and fluffy. Every bite from the spoon sends your palate on a sweet trip all it takes to be satisfied is one slice. It all begins with the rich homemade strawberry pure, the you get a small bit of the perfectly picked, sweet sliced strawberry, followed by the fluffy center that should make up any cheesecake, and the most important part the crust. The crust is one of the things that make or break the cheesecake, you cannot enjoy the entire slice of your cheesecake truly unless the crust is the right amount of crunchy, smooth, but never too hard cause then you just want everything but the crust and that is just simply disappointing.. Would you not agree?

    THE END. I <3 Cheesecake. :]..

    xx -Steph