The Truth About It All: The Naked Dress



    The SATC DKNY naked dress was a fashion statement that even the most questionable fashion fanatics never quite forgot about. I love fashion but I have my limits when it comes to trying something completely out of my comfort zone, but being a SATC junkie mainly for the fashion I have always wondered were I could score Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress... I'd be very reluctant to actually wearing it but it would be an interesting experience when it comes to fashion anyway. Ever since that first season of SATC the naked dress has undergone multiple changes and, women everywhere have found good and not so great ways to incorporate the trend into their wardrobe. Celebrities tend to be the ones that dare to wear those super embellished naked dresses like Jlo (below) KimK, Beyonce,etc. the list can go on for a while. Recently POPSUGAR'S fashion editor Hannah Weil McKinley tried going out to the streets of New York City with the lovely and daring  For Love and Lemons Luau maxi dress and she described the experience. In the beginning she explained the fact that working in the fashion industry made it hard to be surprised at trends such as the naked dress, because things become way too popular over night that editors discard them and move on to the next great style trend. As I would have also described the experience in the beginning she felt odd and out of place pointing out she knew she was neither Jlo or Beyonce but, that alas at the end of it all she felt empowered by how people reacted and how it made her rethink the way she treated her body. The dress seems to put out into the open any possible imperfections and all at once makes you love and want to care for your body so that you are never scared to put on something risque. Although the DNKY re-imagined naked dresses from their Spring2014 show are all sold out I will keep searching. What do you guys think? Would you try the naked dress? Comment below! 

    xx -Steph