Double Line Your Eyes to Make Them Pop

  • Liner is the best way to define your eyes and make them pop. My secret to getting a standout line is to use two different liner formulas. Layering powder and gel liner will create an intense, bold line with added depth. Here’s how:


    • Take an eyeliner brush and dip it in water, shaking off any excess so it’s damp (but not wet). 
    • Dip the brush in a dark shade of powder shadow—black, charcoal, espresso, or navy are great options. 
    • Apply the color close to the lashline. Layer it until the line is thick enough that you can see it when you open your eyes. Make sure to fill in any gaps. 
    • Next take a liner brush designed to work with gel liner and dip it in a similar shade of gel formula. 
    • Make sure to brush any excess product on the side of the pot.
    • Layer the liner until it is the width you prefer. To get a sharp, crisp line make sure you use a brush with a precise tip and keep the liner even on top. 
    • Helpful tip: I like to make the line thicker as I move across the eye. If the line is thickest at the outer corners it opens and lifts your eyes. 
    • If you want your liner to look softer and more diffused, then reverse the application. Start with the gel liner and put the powder on top.