7 Style Secrets That French Women Know

  • It's a good thing the French came up with the term je ne sais quoi, because when it comes to French women's highly coveted style that's really the only way to describe what makes it so special. The masters of cool, effortless sophistication, French women always seem to get it right even when they're not trying. Talk about #goals. In an effort to channel even just an ounce of their seemingly innate chicness, we studied their looks to demystify exactly what it is that makes their style just so.


    They Understand The Power Of Good Basics
    Quality basics are at the center of every French woman's wardrobe and create the foundation that she builds the rest of her look off of.


    They're Not Afraid To Mix High And Low
    French women aren't label snobs and know that the best outfits include a mix of of both affordable items and special pieces, be it a designer score or a vintage find.


    They Don't Do "Sexy"
    French women know that less is more and thus do not gratuitously show skin. If they wear a higher hemline that exposes a bit of leg, they'll keep covered up on top and vice versa.


    They Have A Uniform
    And no, it does not involve sweats. Even when off-duty, a French woman reaches for the simple staple pieces she knows will both look good on and make her feel comfortable.


    They Don't Feel Obligated To Stand Out
    French women don't feel the need to wear bright colors and crazy cooky accessories just to be noticed. Instead, they let one or two special pieces make the statement.


    They Pay Attention To Proportions
    Never ones to let their figure disappear, French women always keep their look in balance. They know an oversize coat calls for slim trousers, and when wearing a looser silhouette on bottom they'll choose a more fitted top.


    They Go For Undone Rather Than Perfect
    French women never look too "done". Whether it's an untucked shirt, hair that's a bit messy or a minimal makeup, they always maintain at least one mussed up element to keep the overall vibe effortless.