Fav LookBook Fashions

  • Anything goes as far as Lookbook’s concerned, with an international base of trend-setters dictating that when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Latex, snakeskin and leather dominate on the popular site for style mavens, where aspiring fashion bloggers post their unique selfies onto the site.

    Sibel D. rocks a handmade latex skirt that she crafted herself, pairing it with a chic white tee and chunky chain necklace. Talk about a drool-worthy D.I.Y. project! Reikon D. from Switzerland also sports latex pants in an avant-garde, cool J-rock inspired way. The two-tone button up and blazer combo keeps this outfit looking polished and edgy at the same time.

    Agata N. from London kills it with her “Latex Girl” fit, coordinating a low cut bustier with high-waisted latex cutoffs and a shimmering holographic jacket. Her super glam cat eye makeup, blunt cut bangs and glittery heels nail this 80’s inspired look. Other bloggers, like Sophie R. incorporate latex in smaller doses, opting for fingerless gloves, wet-look leggings and a belted chest harness for added interest.

    Latex is a surefire way to get noticed, followed closely by snakeskin and leather. Joanna L. from the UK wears it well, pairing high sensibility with a casual, street ready look. Her fitted, snakeskin skirt accentuates all her best features, while keeping things cool with a knotted tee and clean white Chuck Taylors.

    As summer grows closer every day, invest in easy wardrobe options like a snakeskin liquid leotard from ABNDN Life. Toss on some arm candy, a few crystal necklaces and don’t even bother to brush your hair, you’re ready to rock for festival season and beyond.

    Whether you prefer motorcycle jackets, skirts, shorts or boots, luscious leather is one style trend that will last forever. The Mad Hatters, or Mona and Linda P. from Norway, wear it best, opting for classic leather jackets with grommet style belts and zippered accents, paired with studded boots.

    Eugenie G. of Feral Creature rocks her with fearless finesse, giving life in her zippered top, leather skirt and laceup heels. Erika F. from LA and Liza L. from Germany may be on other sides of the globe, but they both look fresh with leather shorts. Try the look for yourself, layer tattoo leggings under shorts for a goth-glam vibe.

    Erika F. looks ready for summer, keeping things chic in a loose knit top, leather shorts and platform sneakers. Get inspired and add some hype to your own wardrobe this season by browsing through the hottest trends on Lookbook.nu