Skin care tips for busy women

  • Being a busy professional woman is a highly attractive characteristic nowadays. Still, sometimes work can get too hectic and make regular beauty routine difficult to achieve. For a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to work hard to reach her goals there are some tips and tricks so that she can be fulfilled and successful in all aspects of her life, including skin care.


    Apply sunscreen in the morning

    Ladies who are busy and have to go to work early in the morning or simply do not want to miss any of the important sleep can sometimes overlook the needs of their skin in the morning. In order to avoid waiting for the moisturizer to get absorbed by your skin, you can do something rather unexpected - apply a sunscreen. If you do this, you can freely skip the step of moisturizer. Just make sure you find a good sunscreen for your skin type that will be both hydrating and a great protection from the sun.


    Keep hand cream and lip balm handy

    If you want to keep your hands moisturized and smooth and your nails and cuticles in pristine condition, simply remember to put a hand cream into your bag and that way you will always be able apply it when necessary. You can also keep a hand cream at the office. The same thing goes for lip balm. Smooth and healthy lips treated with a lip balm always look better than dry and chapped lips with lipstick.


    Five minutes in the evening

    Even though you might be really tired in the evening and cannot wait to go to bed after the busy day, never go to sleep with your makeup still on. Effective skin care can last for only 5 minutes before bed. Wash your face with cleanser that is suitable for your skin type to remove makeup and dirt and then apply your night cream with your fingers all over your face. You can pat it in while leaving the bathroom and rub the residue into the hands.


    Find a trustworthy clinic

    A true lady knows that occasional pampering is a must in order to maintain a professional and beautiful look even with a busy schedule. Take the time to occasionally visit a rejuvenation clinic during your lunch break or at the weekends and undergo a corrective procedure that would make you look youthful and radiant. Do not be afraid to treat yourself to a mini face lift or any other treatment that suits your needs.


    Take plenty of vitamins

    Being busy with work and daily life can take its toll when it comes to your balanced diet. Therefore, take supplements of Vitamins A, B and C with you so that you can get all the benefits your skin and body might not receive from food. There are amazing resources that will help you learn about the recommended vitamin intake - get your facts straight and then see what you can do to improve your vitamin intake.  


    Like with everything else in life, the key to proper skin care when busy is organization. If you manage to work efficiently every day and take care of your home and family, following the above mentioned tips will pose no problem for you.