A heads up for brides to be

  • As soon as your engagement has been announced, it is time to start planning for your big day. Give yourself at least nine months to organize the wedding, so you would have enough time to prepare everything. From finding the venue to dealing with unexpected plot twists – the sooner you start the better everything will turn out.


    The Venue

    The type of venue you choose will depend on a lot of factors. The number of guests will determine the size of the venue, the style of the wedding and your personal desires can determine the location. Do you want a traditional wedding reception at the hotel ballroom, in a beautiful garden or at the beach? Also, think about the ceremony and find an officiant on time and book it. Don’t forget about the decorations. That too, will determine what type of venue you will choose and its place. The best thing to do is to start with a solid plan and ideas about the looks of both the ceremony and the reception.


    The Dress

    Besides all the organizing and booking, every bride needs a perfect wedding dress. Start exploringthe shops with your bridesmaids on time and find the dress that fits your body type. Try out different styles and shapes of gowns and find the one that suits you best. Try to set aside your emotions and be down to earth when choosing your wedding dress. If you keep a cool head, you will be able to find the one that is both practical and fits your budget. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something that makes you feel self-conscious and restrained on your special day.


    Your Bridesmaids

    Not everyone can fully commit to the role of a bridesmaid. You are allowed to choose as many or as few of the bridesmaids as you want.Don’t forget to explain to them what their responsibilities are. If someone cannot commit, it’s not a problem if they quit. You need people who you can trust and whoyou can rely on to be there to help and support you. Also, don’t forget about their dresses. After you have found your perfect gown, go on a shopping tour for the bridesmaids dresses. Try to account for everyone’s taste and body type, but then again, you can be a bit of a bridezilla and meet your tastes more.


    Entertainment and Food

    Weddings are all about celebration and having fun, so try to book a band that will keep everyone dancing. Start searching for a band or even a DJ on time You should make sure someone else won’t snatch them up before you. Also, good catering should be timely booked. Include a diverse menu so each and every guest can find something they like; this includes vegans and vegetarians, as well. Lastly, find a professional baker who will fulfill all of your wedding cake requests. Try as many samples as you need until you have found your perfect cake. Consult with the baker and have a wedding cake that both looks and tastes amazing for your special day.


    There are a lot of things to be considered before the wedding preparationshave been finalized. Try and meet everyone’s tastes, but you are allowed to be selfish. After all, it is YOUR special day and it should be a happy memory for you.