Top 5 Richest Online Makeup Artists In The World

  • It is known that fashion and beauty are the most important for all women in the world. There are many famous makeup artists who are real magicians. They can make pretty women look even more prettier.

    There are also a lot of beauty and lifestyle bloggers who make up the highest view counts on YouTube. The most popular are online makeup artists who earn a lot of money by posting their videos on YouTube. Thanks to them women can learn how to create smoky eyes or how to highlight their cheekbones.

    In this article we will present you 5 richest online makeup artists in the world. You may never have heard of them, but they are well known to teenegers who love video blogs and who watch them regularly on YoutTube. Makeup video blogs on YouTube can help you learn a lot of things about makeup that you probably didn't know. We hope this article will be interesting and useful for you so let's start.


    1. Zoella. Zoella or Zoe Sugg, which is her real name, is one of the most recognizable names in a beauty world. But, she is not an actress, she is not a singer, neither she is a model. Have you ever heard about Zoella? Have you ever watched her beauty blogs on YouTube? Zoella became a huge star thanks to the video blogs that she is posting on YouTube. She has about 7.5 million subscribers and she is posting short films to the online video portal. She also makes TV appearances and she has become a digital ambasador for mental health. She has recently published a book about beauty and makeup.


    2. Michelle Phan. Michelle Phan is an American makeup artist who became very popular as a YouTube personality. She has also 7.5 million subscribers and she has been at the top of online makeup artists. She came out with her own makeup line and she has also published a style-guide book.


    3. Tanya Burr. Tanya Burr is an English fashion and beauty blogger and also a makeup artist. She is best known for her fashion and beauty channel on YouTube. Tany Burr is also one of the most famous online makeup artists in the world. Tanya Burr has created her own cosmetics line on YouTube that is called Tanya Burr Cosmetics. She has about 2.8 million subscribers.


    4. Ingrid Nilsen. Ingrid Nilsen is an American YouTube personality who comes from California. She is also on the list of the richest online makeup artists in the world. She is a popular beauty blogger and she is known as Miss Glamorazzi on Youtube. Ingrid Nilsen has her own channel on YouTube and she has been posting beauty blogs for a long time now. Her channel is caracterized by daily routines and make-up how-tos. Ingrid Nilsen has about 3.2 million subscribers.


    5. Kandee Johnson. Kandee Johnson with her 2.7 million subscribers is a makeup guru who is well known for her colorful style and custome makeup tutorials. Also, she is posting things that are useful for every day routine. Kandee Johnson has also hosted the after show for GSN's Skin Wars. If you didn't know, this is a show about body painting.


    These are some of the most popular and richest online makeup artists in the world. There are also many other beauty bloggers, such as Louise Pentland with 2 million subscribers, Karissa Pukas with 644k subscribers, Jim Chapman, Thatcher Joe (Zoella's younger brother) and many others popular makeup artists that you can watch online and learn from them all you want to know about makeup.