How To Be An Awesome Maid of Honor?

  • We all know that being a maid of honor is really an honor. Maid of honor is one of the most integral bridal confidants and she acts as the right-hand of the bride. She has a leadership role throughout the whole planning process and she organizes the bridal party.

    Also, she gives a weeding speech to the newlyweds on the wedding day. As you can see, a maid of honor has a lot of duties, so it is not easy to assume this role.

    In this article we will show you how to be the best maid of honor and we will give you some helpful tips. Just continue reading and you will find out soon what you should do if you have been chosen to be a maid of honor.

    Accompany the Bride. A maid of honor usually accompanies the bride whenever it is possible. They go together to different wedding appointments, such as décor and event rentals or dress fittings. The bride and the maid of honor usually go together to most appointments that are related to the wedding day. As a maid of honor, you have to be there for the bride at any time and she will be there for you as well.

    Get the Bridesmaids Involved. It is possible that bridesmaids don’t know each other because they have never met before. In such case it would be nice to organize a meeting before the pre-wedding events. But, if some bridesmaids live far away, you can organize a special bridal party activity such as a dinner or a spa day. One more way to get all the bridesmaids involved is to ask them help in organizing the bridal shower or a bachelorette party.


    Organize Bachelorette Party. Traditionally, a maid of honor is a person who organizes the bachelorette party. She books any reservations and she also coordinates with the bridal party. A maid of honor collects funds from all the bridesmaids, but she must have in mind that not all ladies are able to contribute equally. As a maid of honor, you should work out all the details related to the bachelorette party. You should organize the travel, the lodging, the food and all other things, so the bride can just have fun.

    Help The Bride Keep Calm.As a maid of honor, it is very important to help the bride keep calm and to help her with the planning process. You have to be the person that she can completely trust. However, you should not talk only about the wedding, but you should also find time to relax with your friend and watch a good movie. Tomorrow you will continue with the wedding preparations.

    Prepare Your Speech. A maid of honor is also a person who is expected to give a wedding speech. It is recommended to write it in advance and to practice it before the wedding day. But, what should a maid of honor say in her wedding speech? Well, you should talk about the love that the bride and the groom share and about their best qualities. Most important is to speak from your heart. The crowd and the newlyweds should see that you are sincere and they will certainly be delighted with your words.

    Maid of honor speech

    It is recommended to avoid any jokes that would embarrass the bride. Remember that a wedding day is not the right time for sharing secrets. If you are nervous before your speech, you can take a glass of champagne to relax, but don’t drink a whole bottle because you will only embarrass yourself. Remember that many people like to videotape wedding speeches, so try to be funny and a bit sentimental.