Must-have clothing items for young professional women

  • A young professional woman has to have a closet filled with clothes that are stylish, elegant and that make her look authoritative. If you are a professional business woman, then you know that you cannot show up at work wearing anything (except maybe on casual Friday), instead you have to be taken seriously and the clothes will make you look like that.


    White Shirts

    If you have lots of white shirts and blouses in your closet that means you have numerous outfit combinations. White tops are always easily combined with any other piece, and give you the simple but professional look. Have these shirts in many different materials, but cotton, cashmere and silk are the best for your work. These will give you comfort and if combined properly with the rest of the clothes and accessories nobody will dare to stand in your way. Also, these are convenient for wearing under any business suit you plan on wearing to your meetings or even business lunches. Not to appear dull and look the same in every shirt, you may experiment with the length of sleeves (but not too short), try one out with some pockets or even waist cuts. Additionally, you may choose some white shirts with discrete dots or stripes, if your office allows these designs.



    Being a professional woman does not always mean that you have to wear a skirt. To get more comfort and confidence you can chose to wear pants. In your closet, there always has to be a few pairs of work pants that you are only going to wear at work, meetings and other work-related events. When choosing the right work pants you need to consider fabrics and colours. If your job does not require a lot of activity, you could find some cotton or polyester pants that will give you the elegant look you need. However, if you have to move around a lot, or even sit at the same place during your working hours, you should opt for some synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are wrinkle-free which can save you from losing time on ironing and you will look professional and fabulous. When it comes to colour choice, professional women should stay with darker colours like black and blue. However, depending on the cut of your pants, you may choose lighter colours only to balance your look. Any of the colours you choose cannot be tacky and too bright.


    Pencil Skirts

    Because of their flexibility and their ability to transform styles easily, pencil skirts could be worn on any occasion, especially the workplace. Since you are going to wear it at work, choose a high waisted style which is not too body hugging. If there is a strict dress code in your office, you should stick to neutral and pastel colours, which are also easily combined with other pieces of your outfit. What is the best about pencil skirts is that these can be worn during the summer and winter. For the summer season you may pick a shorter skirt (but not above your knees) and one that is made from more breathable fabrics. During the cold winter, you can pick longer pencil skirt, and this is a great opportunity to start wearing tweed. Thicker materials, like tweed, will keep you warm and stylish. Tuck in your white blouse, put on a blazer that complements your skirt and you are ready for work.

    All you have to remember is that you need to look professional and serious. Even though you are just at the beginning of you career, you have to have elegant style that will make you ready for the business.