Gold Jewellery- Latest Trends!

  • Gold has a deep rooted significance in Indian history, enticing people from different parts of the world with its beauty and charm.

    Over the years, India’s love for gold has grown stronger and stronger, with Indians accounting for most of the gold consumed globally. Gold, in India is more than an investment. It is a culturally significant metal which has found a place in Indian hearts and homes.

    The Infographic titled as “Latest Gold Jewellery Trends” explains wonderfully the latest trends in Gold jewellery which is as follows:

    • Gold jewellery adds sensuality and warmth on the fashion canvas, making women more beautiful.

    • In sync with new textures and colours, gold chains worn around the neck or fixed around the waist like a belt, have made a comeback.

    • Thread gold necklaces are trendy with thread woven into a knit, creating a perfect finish for yellow gold necklaces.

    • New designs are being crafted as when people buy in this age of social networking, they want something that tells a story.

    • A makeover has been seen in the usual gold chain; latest shows around the globe indicate that the new trends are all about chain gang.

    For more information, refer the given Infographic.