Light Up Shoes of Today

  • The light shoes of today have change a lot from the way back that every kid had to wear. They light up only due to foot pressure switched on the lights in the soles.

    It was LA Lights shoes that were manufactured but then they soon became obsolete, due to changing fashions and mercury related health concerned.

    The first modern Light up Shoes

    Then in 2013 a pair of shoe brand 'Simulation' featuring LED lights in the soles were produced by the designers. That was just the beginning of craziness for light up shoes and is continued till now.

    There are new and varied feature in the new light up shoes such as surrounding string of LED lights that stay on, different pattern changing colors, and this new light up shoes are rechargeable. A have a USB port is inside it you just have to plug the shoes into a laptop and charge them.

    Simple and effective technology is used in the light up shoes, using LED lights set, complete with rechargeable battery and controller circuit, LED lights strip, on/off switch and dual USB port charging wire is into specially designed rubber sole with space for the kit. The sole with all the components fitted in is attached to a shoe upper and the light up shoe is ready.

    This is a set of LED light strip, battery, switch and USB charging wires:

    Light up shoes are electronic widget and they are regularly being upgraded. There have been brands coming up with Light Up LED shoes which can be controlled by Mobile app. People wearing those shoes can change the colors of the lights and pattern by clicking a couple of times on their Smartphone. Technology is moving fast and soon “Blinky” shoes would be there which gives responsive light up and respond to the movement of one's feet.

    Tech Specs of Light Up Shoes

    These shoes generally come up with a long battery life with high volts and around 400mAh of lithium polymer. The charging time of battery varies from 3-4 hrs. Generally a USB port is hidden on the inside of the shoes and it causes no discomfort to the wearer.

    The sole are made of PVC rubber and its durable and washable, the switch is usually placed inside the hem and when pressed they give right color, or different light pattern

    There is dual USB charger cable and the cable is about 18.9 inches in length that will connect to both shoes at the same time, which can be charged with help them of laptop.

    Gone are the days when these shoes ‘light up only when you walk’. These often purchased by the parents for young kids who have just learnt how to walk. But now it's for everyone. So enjoy with these light Up LED shoes during dancing, partying, jogging. Check out the latest range NOW!