Unique, Vintage handmade Jewelry at Prescott Sq

  • Handmade jewelry is a gift that never goes out of style. At Prescott Sq. we offer an impeccable selection of hand-forged jewelry pieces that are all made in the USA. Our jewelry is designed by Jose A. Gomez-Davidson, a fifth generation jeweler and master jewelry maker who is adept at his craft and has an amazing talent for design.


    Arrowhead Bracelet


    About Our Jewelry Designs


    Gomez-Davidson’s work has been described as, "Natural in its asymmetry and schizophrenic in its delivery, his hand-crafted art has a delicate flare that maintains an unapologetic grunginess." This eclectic description perfectly captures the wide array of Gomez-Davidson’s designs that we offer at Prescott Sq.


    Our selection includes handcrafted bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in an array of unique vintage styles, which means that no matter what your loved one’s look, you will find an accessory that complements them.


    Branched Necklace


    Gomez-Davidson’s work includes designs that draw on the intricate details and grunge of nature, like our Branched necklace, which emanates all of the gnarls, whorls, and beautiful twists of a tree’s branches.


    Dizzy With Eternity Ring


    Other pieces utilize smooth, elegant, geometric patterns, like the Dizzy With Eternity ring. These abstract shapes are paired with the sheen of real silver and gold, and make for a contemporary yet timeless vintage look.


    Silverbacks Earrings


    Why Handmade Jewelry?


    A meaningful relationship requires a meaningful gift. Handmade jewelry is special because each piece is quite literally one-of-a-kind, and holds the thoughtful attention and love of craft that the artist has put into it. Our pieces are different from mass-produced, factory-made jewelry, and your loved one will certainly feel it.


    Handmade jewelry often makes use of unique materials that have distinct histories and meanings. Like our Silverbacks Earrings (pictured above), which are made from sterling silver vintage fork prongs, each piece tells its own tale. If you are looking to impress and to show how much you care, handcrafted jewelry is truly the only way to go.


    Our Favorite Pieces


    Cuff Cuff Bracelet


    The Cuff Cuff is one of our absolute favorite statement pieces. Its large size will ensure that all eyes are drawn to it, while its simple shape and geometric cutouts keep it classic and not overly flashy. Furthermore, the small dimples in the sterling silver highlight that it is an entirely hand-sawed and hammered piece, made with impeccable attention by our master jeweler.

    Corylus Necklace


    The Corylus Necklace is another example of Gomez-Davidson’s ability to impart the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature into his pieces. The 3” sterling silver pendant in the shape of a tree branch hangs on an 18” chain. This is the perfect gift for someone strong and beautiful, and who deserves the jewelry to match.

    Small Wheel Turn Ring


    There is nothing like a pop of gold on one’s finger to make them feel special and glamorous. The delicate Small Wheel Turn Ring is subtle, intricately shaped, and sure to turn heads. Its 14 karat yellow gold-plated sheen looks beautiful on any hand, and will certainly put a twinkle in your loved one’s eye.