Global Warming and its Effects on Economy Essay

  • The concept of global warming remains a major challenge to most international communities and in many study help provider sites. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007), global warming is depicted as a gradual increase of temperature in the earth’s surface brought about as a result of gases emitted from green house such as carbon dioxide and also due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation practices among others. Based on the above, there is a global need to understand the entire concept of global warming and to establish its contributions to our economy .This forms the foundation for this research paper.

    Scientifically, gases emitted from green house builds up and trap a lot of heat content hence leading to concentration of heat in the atmosphere. With this trend, ozone layer that provides insulation become weakened thus introducing warming effect on the earth’s surface. Eventually, climate change becomes a major product of this global warming effect thus influences global economy.

    According to Moore (1998), there is suggestion that the economic effects of global warming should be viewed in respect to two dimensional aspect .He identifies a need to enlighten people on both positive and negative side effects so as to clear imbalanced notion about global warming.

    Effects of Global Warming on economy

    On a positive ground, increase in global temperature is as major boost in agricultural production. This because warmth translates into a relatively longer season of growing with a similar increase in rainfall needed by various plants for their growth (Moore, 1998).According to Ruth (2009), the idea spelled out indicates that an increase in temperature lowers plant’s susceptibility to failures with most Mid Atlantic states registering high agricultural yields as a result of this variation in temperature.

    Secondly, increased temperature has neutralizes adverse conditions experienced during winter as  a result of snow and heavy rainfall. Areas prone to snow are exposed to a great challenge in transport industry. With warming trend, major economic activities like international trade is enhance as members enjoy transportation as well as shipping.

    Thirdly, according to findings from a group of researchers, low energy consumption is attributed to a rise in temperature. They argue that countries on cold regions definitely spend more on energy as compared to those under warm climate. This basically suggests that global increase in temperature influences amount of energy consumed in a given region.