Fictional Writing about Cars

  • Cars are a very interesting topic, and a lot of people take a lot of time just reading books, magazines, and articles about cars. There is a big market for fictional writing about cars, which can range from racing, and to luxury cars as well. Fictional writing about cars is a very aspirational market, as not everyone can afford their dream cars such as sports cars and other cars that are usually considered as luxury and vintage.


    Writing about cars doesn’t always have to be too technical, as some people might not be able to relate to the jargon and other technical terms that car writers use. By the way,

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    Some people might be intimidated to write about cars because they feel like they have to know everything about cars, from engines to horsepower, but this always isn’t the case, especially in fiction. You aren’t always writing about cars to review them, in fiction, you can write how they affect your life, and what they play in certain life experiences.


    Even cars themselves become central to a story such as in action flicks like Starsky & Hutch, Night Rider, Herby, and Transformers. For Herby and Transformers, the cars become characters themselves, having their own personality and are central to the plot of the story. Superheroes like Batman cannot be separated from his own Batmobile. For fans of action heroes like James Bond, viewers tune in to see the gadgets he will be using especially the cars, just as much for Mr. Bond himself.


    Probably one of the most successful film franchises of the past decade is The Fast and The Furious, which centers around a group of friends and their adventures (or more like misadventures) using fast cars. Sometimes even people who are reading a book or watching a movie or TV show that involves cars in the plot end up being more attached to the vehicles featured than the characters themselves. This is why even as young people, kids love to play with cars and treat them as their toys.


    Cars are more than just things that move people from one place to another. For a lot of people, cars end up becoming a very personal thing. People make great and consequential life memories, and whether for better or worse, this makes them very fond and have a special place in their hearts for their automobiles. This is why cars usually make for very interesting subjects in fiction.

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